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  • Hi Hannah, sorry for not being in touch for a long time. I haven't been on here much lately. I promised to give you some critique for your blue nail-tips. As the other have said, it's difficult to see as the pic. isn't very clear. Bur from what I can see, you have to make the smile a little bit more smily. Your nails are very nice, but at the pic. they look a little bit... eh... how to explain this in English... bold? It looks like they are a little bit too thick.
    I think that was all except from well done to you! :) Btw. You never saw my score sheet from Gmex. One of the judges had written "nice nails" at the sheet! :-D I hope you are ok. Hug C.
    Hi Hannah
    I did my beauty therapy course (2 years) at Nash College Newport, and unfortunately, unlike the present course, you had to take extra course if you wanted to qualify in all nail systems tho. My local Sallys Hair & Beauty supplies were offering a weeks course with Salon Systems, which cost me an arm ad a leg. I guess it was ok, I just found that the more nails I did the better I became. Whats the name of the Tutor Hannah? p.s How old is little one??
    Thanks again
    Sarah xxx
    Hi Hannah
    Just thought I`d get in touch as I noticed that you are from Bridgend. I am in Cwmbran(near Newport)so not too far from you. What a coincidence, I`m doin a cnd conversion nxt Feb..in Bristol tho, also with Katrina!! Hope you dnt mind a friend request and p.s would love to kp in touch.
    Thanks Sarah xx
    Mine has 4 mega pixels and I think it is border line but what I would say is make sure you take pictures of one hand only so you can get closer to the nails, make sure natural daylight is behind you and take photos with and without the flash. You must use the macro setting and make sure you have auto focus on. The one you have as the main album picture looks as it if has taken fine - just a matter of practice. YOu will get there with it.
    Hi Hannah. I just saw your nails in the critique section. I haven't been on here much lately and right now I am on my way to work. I'll write you something in the afternoon! Hug C.
    Hiya, Sorry for not being in touch since Manchester. Again, a HUGE thank you for being my model. Your nails are the best I've ever seen! Haha, remember, you're mine! :-D I will send you some instructions for the gel in the weekend. Hug C.
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