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    Dermalogica / Environ stockist agreement

    I tried to take Environ as I already stock JI. Unfortunately you have to take the machine as part of the initial order (sure it was at least £2000) but after that there are no minimum orders. I'm not sure about Dermalogica but I'm friends with people who have left them as they expect a certain...
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    Post gel polish removal treatment

    CND Rescue Rxx. Apply it twice daily to bare nails, I can't believe the difference in mine after just one week. Apply for four weeks for ultimate results. It works by depositing keratin into the nail plate, rather than other strengtheners that reinforce the keratin that's already there...
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    Home salon ideas please

    I have converted all of my garage and it's fabulous but cost quite a bit compared to getting one of those pods that comes all set up ready to plug in. At the time I was researching the pods were around £10K but there's a company called B&B camping pods I found on FB since who supply to camp...
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    Frustrated with Brisa Lite sculpting gel!

    Jigily are your natural nails in good condition? And the thickness of the overlay definitely has something to do with it. You shouldn't be able to feel at the cuticle line where the gel ends and the nail starts-otherwise you'll get lifting here. Also, with BL, I find you need to keep the base...
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    Possible problem with new formula Minx?

    I've been using them for a few weeks now and haven't had any problems so far. How would one just come off?-surely she or her shoes must have helped it along somehow? As she's never had a nail wrap before, I suspect this may be the case. The only other thing I can think is the foot soak; I've...
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    Spray tan

    Moroccan Tan-they only make rapid solutions anyway, so the longest the client will have to wait for ( depending on which shade they choose), would be 4 hours. I find most of my clients go for the original green based collection which are all a 2 hour wash off. Hth x
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    Spray tanning and waxing

    24 hours (I'm a tanning educator and this is what we teach). However if someone has been waxed by a different salon before coming to us for a tan I personally advise 48 hours plus as we had someone come before who had such a bad wax done the therapist had actually lifted skin on her legs so the...
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    Professional tanning from home

    I use Tanning Essentials as they supply to Moroccan Tan (which I use anyway) and also White to Brown ( I think that's what they're called?) The machines are fab because for small machines at fab prices they really do the job, lots of options for speeds on the body of the machine and on the...
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    Advice about waxing with paper strips!

    Waxperts make strips that are a blend of cotton and paper. I find them lovely to use.
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    Shellac Xpress top coat-turns colours yellow?

    If you apply it thinly enough it shouldn't change the colour of the Shellac at all once cured.
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    Shellac application?

    Edit to add: You can sign up as long as you are a nail professional. Obviously we would recommend a class so you get the best out of the product. The one day conversion is amazing value and as you already have your kit this wouldn't be any extra expense to you. It'll pay for itself, rather than...
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    Shellac application?

    Oops! Meant to say that the step by steps are available on, and they are EXACTLY how I would teach it on the class x
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    Shellac application?

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    Vinylux stained nails!

    As others have Said, leaving on for over a week makes the polish more difficult to remove, hence the pigments that are released during removal get rubbed into the nail plate. This is when staining occurs, especially on dry or damaged nails. Cuticle Away is very good at lifting staining, have you...
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    Shellac peeled off after 3 days

    Has this happened to the client before with any of the other colours? If so, it's probably something she is doing/ not doing or to do with the condition of her natural nails.