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  • Good evening,

    I hope my post about your BT study during your English Degree is of some help.

    I just wanted to add this link for you:

    Anatomy and Physiology Courses

    I have done a few courses with them and hope to attend more. I find their prices and course content very good :) The above link is for an A&P home study (with tutors support) course.

    Also, I have most of their DVDs and I find these a great resource for learning new treatments and a refresher for treatments already studied.

    Kind regards
    Good post on weight thread.
    Don't understand why it got so heated. I was just trying to boost the OP's confidence, but it's become very sizeist.
    Anyway, well done, you. I'm going to resist posting any more on it.
    Have a great weekend! x
    I have had a quick look at your profile and see that you have not mentioned that you offer nails, I know you have recently done your training in tanning and wonder if you have also done a course in nails. If you have then maybe it's time to update your profile ? If not, I think that you will probably not get much advice regarding the use of Gel Polishes. I hope you take this in the way it is meant, read with a smile on your face. LOL
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