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    Facial range

    Have a look at Charlie Locks, it isn’t a huge range but British based, lovely people to deal with, no minimum order, not something your clients can buy on the high street.
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    Rose gold gel help!

    Hara Rose Gold from Aston & Fincher
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    Lash training - Farnham/Guildford

    I can't recommend anywhere, but I have been looking at similar training, Flirties have training centres all over, check their website and Facebook page, see if there is something close to you. I was offered Mybrow training in Southampton thru an Ellisons rep a while ago, I didn't do it, but you...
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    Which facial products to use for home salon?

    I realise your post is quite old now, but, I am a home based salon! I use Charlie Locks, Uk produced products, no minimum start up, no pushy sales, very economical. Facials are the smallest part of my business, so it is a perfect fit for me, right now.
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    Deo digital heater advice

    Sorry I only just saw your reply, I don't use the fast heat setting, I put it on about an hr b4 work ( I work from home) and it's always ready when I start work.
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    Has anyone left beauty and pursued a different career?

    I think I spent 10 years every March thinking I need a different career ! Self employed beauty in Jan/Feb is very anxious making, but you cannot beat it for flexibility with a young family. When my children were nursery age I did more anti social hours whilst my husband put the kids to bed. Now...
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    Cuticle oil

    Dadi oil by famous names is allegedly better than Solar oil, which I can't comment on, but is avocado based.
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    Deo digital heater advice

    I use a digital heater with Perron Rigot waxes, so may not be exactly the same. But I set the hot wax at 65 and the strip wax at 71.
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    Which software company?

    I recently moved from salonlite to shedul all free including reports and reminders, the clients much prefer it, really pleased so far, been about a month
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    Desperate advice on peeling, split and weak nails please

    I would try IBX for months, 6 weeks is 3 treatments. Which may show some improvement but they need longer.
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    Which card machines?

    I use Smarttrade app, no set up fee, no monthly costs, u pay a % and 20p per transaction. All done from my phone, u can take payment for vouchers on the phone. If u do enough business you can upgrade and get more services but only when ur trading warrants the expense of a monthly fee.
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    Sweet Squared August daily deals

    Like the sweet squared Facebook page. The offer will show in your news feed
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    Massage cushions

    I use Comfy Client cushions, my clients love them, they are on the couch for massage, waxing everything, it was quite expensive, but I'm really pleased with them.
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    What to do with salon while on maternity?

    When I had my first child I was sharing a room with another therapist, she took on the room by herself. I had a 4 month break and had a salon at home when I went back to work. After my second I took 6 weeks off and lost very few clients. But you are unlikely to want as many clients as u had...
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    Fed up with competing against cheap treatment prices

    No point in being a busy fool. Don't under sell yourself. Do a good job for a proper price and your work will bring them back, word of mouth will bring more. I charge £25 for shellac . There are cheaper out there but they don't have a better choice of colours. Do advertising, marketing...