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  • I used to get my threading done at the Shavata Brow Bar in Harvey Nics Manchester, it was expensive but fab. It moved to House of Fraser though and the last time I went I was really disappointed especially as it was still expensive so looking for somewhere new too - will let you know if I find somewhere. Good luck with the move!
    Gosh it is! I've only just starting training in nails, at the moment I work full time as a PA at Salford University. I've completed a manicure course and Shellac course with the CND Creative Training Academy Manchester (in Leigh). Do you work from home or a salon? I love threading but not the pain!
    Hi there! Sorry, I've only just seen your message! I live on Albion Street, not far from Church Street - where are you?
    I dont know how the messaging works either! lol. Congratulations on your lil man :) They are soooooo adorable! My lil girl is 15weeks on Tues and she just won't shut up now.....gurgle gurgle, shout shout lol it's so cute!

    Good luck with your nails and baby, they are both great things to have. Give me a shout for anything (apart from baby sitting, i'm busy!!!) haha.

    Oooh, and my time has already come down to 2hrs 45mins lol - it's quicker at least!

    x Hayley x
    Hiya. I've only just seen your replY! Sorry :) I have just the one monkey thankfully! Haha. She's a good girl, but she can't entertain herself for 3hrs which it takes me to do a set lol. Oh well....i'll just have to practise to get quicker :)
    I've just seen you've booked your L&P course and you're due your little babe. Congratulations hun x
    I am doing my L&P course now and it's great fun, but just be prepared to find time to practice as you get homework and I have a 3 month old little girl - it's hard finding the time!

    It takes me about 3hours to do a set - well more actually, and i'm breastfeeding so little one needs me approx every 3 hours. The stuff is very strong smelling too so i keep it away from her - equally difficult.

    I don't want to put a dampener on your excitement as giving birth is amazing, and the course is fab too, but have some time planned for nails, or you won't get the most out of it xxx
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