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  • morning lovely, im going 2 the docs 2day about my exema so maby (hopefully) he will give me other cream that wont effect the nails?! wooo hope u r ok xxx
    hi hayls, just checking evrything is still ok for 2moro?? im coming from tenby now, so ill leave about 11.45, does that sound about right?? i dont want 2b late 4u! cu 2moro xxx
    Hi Hayls, ahhh ok have never heard of the program. I only know about the band from hubby, he likes them aswell. :lol:
    oh brilliant that would be fab. i think, please correct me if im wrong i would only like overlay if thats possible, i really like the length and shape of my nails now however i want them 2 look a bit more glam, and im fed up off having 2 keep putting on a gloss as its chipped in no time. i hope this is possible? ill go add u on facebook now! how busy are you when could u fit me in?? xx thankyou!
    hia love i was just lookin thru some posts trying 2 find a good tech near me.. and ur name came up, i live in cardigan, just how far away are u?? isnt llanddowror on the tenby 2 carms road? my parents live in tenby. i would love 2 have my nails done but there are 2many butchers and horror stories arround here 4 me 2 trust any 1 locally! is it acrylic or gel that u do? r u mobile or have a salon?? let me know and uve got urself a new client :) xx
    Thanks hunnie, things are going really well here atm but sshhhhh dont tell anyone or it will all stop lol xx
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