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  • just wanted to say hi! camarthen isnt far from swansea which is my home town! lived abroad a long time, but still miss home so much. i,ve read alot on this fab website.. love your posts... they r so useful to a novice like me! all the best x
    Hi Hayls :hug:
    All is up and down with nothing new there :D
    Hope all is well with you in lovely Wales....xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hayls just wanted to drop by and say I am still alive lmao Hope things are still busy for you and did your car come ?? I am out of the loop lol xxxxx
    Oh I am so glad he has arrived hunny, what a shame about his head. I am so glad you liked him, he was my first go at doing a clown like that. xxxxx:hug:
    Thats terrific glad everything is good for you especially with hubby and the business....lucky you but you deserve it... :hug:
    I might just pinch some of what you have for myself though if you don't mind :D
    I enjoy the sun when I am not in it lol....but Wales just wouldn't be Wales without the rain....thats what makes it such a beautiful lush country....:lol:
    Keep Happy and have a lovely relaxing Saturday xxxx
    Hiya my little Welsh Beauty....:hug:
    All is fine know tick tocking along.... :D
    It's got mighty hot now so I am spending most of my time trying to find a cool place to fan my brow!!!!!
    Hope all is as well as can be with you too Hayls....lotsa love xxxxxxxxx
    Glad you're busy! Master status is now just dependant on qualification day, I've done all the classes...... I'm practising like mad (and studing in fits and starts!) and planning on booking it for September/October..... I just want to get it done now!!
    Thanks for the referral babes - I think I PM'd her (the thread is about 6 weeks old), can't remember tbh!!!!!

    How are you doing?
    Hayls the main problem is the severe anxiety symptoms 24/7 I am eating now and sleeping but still having the symptoms I am doing all I know and still there. So think the hormone in my coil could be causing this but god knows I am going back on the list for the op I have had enough now. xxxxxxxxx
    Thanks babes for thinking of me I am back at the gp's today for my weekly visit. xxxxxxxxx
    Hello...Belinda here aka linbemul...I am the one who put the shout out about the "what do you do for sanitation" and you gave me an answer...Thank you so very much...however, still have no clue where to find the cholispray! Spent the day driving about the towns trying to find items I need that are so basic and simple in the USA...but not here...if you don't know where to go! hey I did find some great wine and something that kills fungus for the moment... am happier..but still need so much. I have the basics but I guess I am a very spoiled yank and will stay on the road toward perfection! There is an English girl that lives in the building where I live, but she can't remember the name and told me it was in the old town...of course I didn't know to ask her which old town and which park,... my mate still pissin about that one...but I WILL find it..on way or another...perhaps by the time I finish this bottle of wine I won't care any at least! Again...thank you for telling me about what you use. I don't really know exactly how this site works but it looks a lot like the myspace :irked: :cry:...if so I would be honored to call you friend. :)

    Belinda, One who is...lost in Spain....
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