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  • good to know! I haven't used it in ages! I'll update it with photo so you'll know it's me! Glad you've been well!!
    Just doing the course at the min with NSI but been doing gel before. bought some bits and bobs try do some nail art. you have completely inspired me xx
    awww lauren thats so sweet thankyou. i try my best with the art an always try an better myself trying different things x what acrylic are you using ? x
    Hi Haylz!
    Im Just Starting out doing acrylic and I DESPISE nail art! errggg!......Then I came across your pictures! your nails are an absolute work of art!
    Im completely in ore of how amazing you are.
    I have work early in the morning but I think il be spending most of the night picking my jaw up off the floor!
    I living in newcastle under lyme in staffordshire and although cannock is probs an hr and hf drive away i shall be booking an appointment very soon!
    What an insperation!!!!!
    Well done! xxx <3 xxx
    Hi hun,

    Just looked at your nail albums - WOW! You are a very talented nail tech.
    Just thought i'd let you know :)

    Ali x
    just realized i could leave a message! hahaha got your nail art album on fav ;) keep up the amazing work ms haylznailz! have a good day !!
    LOL!!! no it's not... just a pic I robbed from the internet of a cute baby!! :)
    God you really are rubbish at this site lark, I knew you didn't realise but none of us can see your messages to us unless we just go into your profile.. so I had a peep at your pics today but couldn't see your comments until I posted my message tonight so you need to click on my name and then post away on my page, it's not like facebook where you get little messages if you know what I mean
    Yep get your bum over to the blogs and you can chat away to your hearts content... it'll take a while to get back into the swing of things, but I'm sure no one is having a go at you personally... sure I've often posted something and then been corrected, but hey you just learn from it and dust yourself off and don't go getting upset over it... now get over to those blogs :) x
    hey you, don't know whats going on but chin up.
    your last post is not a question so should be a blog.
    have you tried blogs? go over to blogs hun, if you want to discuss anything personally that is the place NOT the forum.
    don't give up.....just come over to blogs.
    Awwh I'm really sorry you feel that way, but hey on a positive note.. how cute are our little babies... mine has wings nah nah nah nah nah... sorry just trying to make you smile :)
    Thought Id message you on your profile, but yeah I know what you mean about her nails, will have a look on thursday night on the credits to see if any names are mentioned!?
    I love KP aswell! :)
    Im with salon Gold, for Public Liability and Salon insurance chick, cant find there number for you but they were pretty reasonable and very quick an efficient! hth
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