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  • Loved her Heather... what a super chick and what a great job she did with K1 - your Kristina is now known as K2!! xo
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your request. Haven't been on the forum for a few days. Holidays you know?? TY for the request!!
    Hey Bootiful! Yes, TOO LONG since we last chatted. I'm busting my hump, working like a dog. Giving up on finding a real education HERE in Quebec, and just putting my energy into 'self-teaching'. I'm planningon getting some DVD's of Liliya's work (that russian 3d & freehand artist). At some point, I'll have to travel abroad... but won't be able to afford that for a few years.
    Children are getting HUGE.. My daughter will be singing for the arrival of the Olympic torch in our town on December 8th... SUPER excited about it. She's only 8yrs old. She'll be singing the Canadian anthem...
    umm what else is new? tonnes LOL
    Drop me a line on FB chat sometime, okey dokey?
    MISS YOU!!
    missed your message hunny xx wasn't ignoring xxx sent a long message back but then realised it was from a few hours before doh !!!!! I'm a dummy xxx
    Well hello my friend, you could not have asked at a more exciting time for me, would you believe i have just fininshed at my salon today and stood back from my nail table after almost 22 years to the day. I am now officially a full time educator for cnd. Lucky for me hey i live in a really busy part of the country and i am loving it all. Things are great, hope you are well too, keep in touch, Jules x
    hey lady hows all with you?? have you started your classes? alls good this side of the pond, we are all just getting ready to launch the new ed programe (well we've just started it really !!) I've just got to stop giving the whole master programe on the basic
    class !!!!!!!!!! (always trying to give good value lol) I'm in a very rural part of the uk so very small classes .. which I love tbh xxxx just re vamped my salon which is now attached to the side of my house !! and doing very well xx hope all is going great with you too xx waiting for the sams to come back from the cnd 'do' to find out what the new product is !! bet they don't spill !! lol xxx
    Hi I just read your message LOL. I live in Utah and I will defintely let you know if I have questions. Thanks again!
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