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    Any microblading experts here?

    I chose not to go with HD Brows as they were way too expensive and pushy
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    Salon System roller wax

    How long did you heat it up for? I have this and if the wax is too cold and / or the roller is not held at the right angle it really pulls on the skin. When it's really hot it glides like a dream. Needs practice though.
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    HD brows

    Can anyone please tell me the cost of training? I can't find it anywhere and can't get through to them! X
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    Any microblading experts here?

    Did you start out as a beauty therapist? Was the hd brows worth the expensive training? Do you make much profit on microblading? Thanks!! :)
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    Any microblading experts here?

    Are you still there BBank? :)
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    Mother and baby product range

    Oh I've also been a baby massage instructor for 5yrs and I teach baby first aid too so if you have any questions I'm happy to help
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    Mother and baby product range

    I run a pregnancy and baby wellbeing studio, I specialise in pregnancy massage and I use natalia product range. They are very high quality. I've been an antenatal teacher for 8yrs and a therapist for 11 so it helps to understand the a and p of the pregnant body. The studio does well so good luck...
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    High definition brows

    Can someone pm me the amount when you know pls x
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    Models required for microblading

    Your work is excellent, well done!! How are you finding microblading, are you enjoying it, is it really difficult? I'm looking into it at the moment and am undecided whether to do it or not but I probably will. Training is expensive though.
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    Any microblading experts here?

    OOh yes I didn't think of that!! Is microblading all you do?
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    Any microblading experts here?

    That's so helpful thank you so much! Yes I definately am willing to take lots of time and do practice, I'm not in a rush to make my money back I just want the skill of being able to do something like this that can tranform someone's face and confidence - what a way to make a living! I don't...
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    Any microblading experts here?

    Amazing thank you so much! Ok I'm gonna bombard you with questions now lol sorry :) Where did you train and how much did it cost? Do you rate the hd brand at all? How long did it take you to feel confident and had you had any prior eyebrow or spmu experience? Whereabouts in the country are you...
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    Any microblading experts here?

    Hi I'm considering doing microblading training with hd brows, has anyone here used them before? They will also train me in hd brows too so I can offer that. I know it's going to be expensive and huge amounts of hard work determination and effort but I know if I put the effort in and set...
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    Personal question to therapists, how much do you actually earn?

    Wondering how much (if at all) people's monthly incomes differ if they are employed / self employed / spa / salon / mobile. I know how many hours you work, where you are in the country and how experienced you are will all contribute but when I look at job adverts posted and it's like £8 an hour...
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    Prefab garage conversion

    Perfect! Do you have to pay any business rates or anything? I'm very jelous, you've done a great job! Do you do beauty too or just hairdressing?