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  • lol... I have been meaning to contact you for ages! Tried calling a couple of times but you were engaged and I didn't leave a message.

    I am salon based now - big change for me lol. Things are going very well.
    I am thinking about my business and where I want to go with it.... I keep wanting to move more towards the beauty side of things - although I LOVE nails - the process, challenge etc - I feel I would get more job satisfaction from 'beauty'.

    Glad your eyelashes are still doing very well....
    I'm fine thanks. Busy... lots has changed and I'm looking to change some more :lol:

    How are you liking Axxiom?... are you using their colour gels?

    I am going to do facial training very soon - Hoping to take on Environ.
    Loving Minx too... although still sticking to toes lol. Have recently been toying with the idea of offering fingers too but I really want to find a way of making them last a bit better...
    Yes that's the one. Can't wait for the lamp, told that the correct hear source is Minx's saviour. Mind you 5 weeks is brilliant. I'm so looking forward to the Minx workshops and seeing more of the designs etc.
    Is that the Premier Inn, I'm staying there too.

    I haven't done loads of Minx, only a few sets on family and friends, don't really want to do them on clients until I have a lamp.

    They are going well though, my toes are still perfect 5 weeks later x
    Cool xxx

    Which hotel are you staying in?

    Looking forward to meeting you too :hug:
    Yeah, for not being a billy no mates :lol:
    Will be great to meet my Minxy buddy xxx :hug:
    Well it's your name, would be dead unlucky if it wasn't you now everyone has said congrats :lol:

    I will be there, and I will be a billy no mates PMSL
    Loved the pics.... Loved them, loved them!
    Be very proud of yourself babe xxx
    You are such a star, thanks for all of that xx

    I have silver and gold lightening,
    Burgundy and pink with hearts
    black and silver polka dots and black with silver spots

    I love them all

    I am going to the even, can't wait. I know what you mean about the money my 2 youngest have birthdays the following weekend! If you look at it another way its a great chance to chop for them at the trafford centre :lol:

    Have you bought lots of the designs in? I must admit I had quite a list, but cut it down to 6 just to see how I got on.......Thanks again for the pics, they really do look great xxx
    They look fabulous xxx What are the top ones, checkerboard effect?

    I LOVE the gold ones
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