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  • Its a knock off Helen... its here too - disgusting stuff and nothing like Shellac... you have to have Andrew give CND the heads up... he needs to report to his European Account Manager... all you can do Helen is educate your customers. The Blue Sky crap is very damaging to natural nails! Hope all else is well Helen... please use my samantha@sweetsquared.com email if you want to discuss further x
    I posted a thread on Salon geek about Creative training and nails in Cyprus and Dinky dot/Angie PM'd me suggesting you may be in Cyprus?
    I have just arrived in Nicosia and have started work as a Spa Therapist/nail Tech at Valens Spa and was looking for a Creative educator out here or generally some information on nail systems in Cyprus. Even if me Spa doesnt use Creative I would like to do the Conversion course privately just for myself.

    Samia (Tristans Girl)
    Helen I saw both Andrew & Ilska in Hawaii. I didnt spend any time with them TBH but just wondered how you were doing? You have my email should you need anything.
    Hi Helen,

    Having seen your post I can't believe nobody wants to take up your offer of a job in Cyprus.
    My friends think I'm mad because the only thing that's keeping my husband and I here are our two cats and my dog, nevermind in time.
    Hope all goes well,


    P.S I'm over in June for our usual annual visit, if I see your salon I'll pop in and say Hi :)
    Hi Helen,

    Just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year, just read your post reference re-locating to Cyprus and sat back and thought if only!
    I've just qualified as a Nail Tech with CND and previously completed a two year evening college course in Greek language in preparation as in approx 5 years time I hope to move to Paphos.
    We return each year to see friends so I look forward to seeing your many salons across the island,

    Ali x
    anything to do with nail art how will i gt started will i start a crse theres one in my area which will give me the foundations to start with it costs £118 for 4 hrs training in 1 day do u recommend i shd do that or learn myself with dvd's and tutorials iv never attempted this before but i rly want to ive just finished doing my opi absolute crse and passed so id like to add nail art as an extra to clients as there is some fab designs out there thanx
    hi helen can just been having a look at yr nail art they r gorgeous id like some advice from you as im wanting to learn this did you learn yrself or take a course please gt bk to me send a message as im new to this and havin problems navigatin around i end up where eva lol thanx
    Hiya hun,I have looked into the course today and it is a recognised qualification. It is a year long and i also get a full kit provided and the certificate i will get at the end will enable me to get liability insurance to go freelance or start my own buisness. They will also give me full funding and i have enroled on a buisness course which starts in september. So all i have to do is wait for my kit and away i go. If you get chance take a look at NCC HOMELEARNING and have a look at the course. Miss you to love leanne xx
    hya helen good to hear things are going wel for you to practised some sculped nails on myself sat and they look pretty ok for a first timer get another few practises in befor friday and i think ill be well away thank god i may have cracked it. id appreciate you sending me some info on the nail art when you get time hun that will be my next challengehope your enjoy the sun if your getting chance to that is, thanks speak to you soon xxx
    Hiya Helen, you make it sound easy...:)...what kinda glitter did you use, thanks for your help. My client cancelled tonight after all that, and I was really excited as she was my 1st....:(
    You can set up the picture as you wish, although you will only be judged on the nails themselves.
    i might be on vacation but its not sure so if i will go i will def like to have a geek meet....will tell u that for sure than...thanx for asking hun xxx
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