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  • Yeah we must meet up, its so hard doing full time at my day job and doing shifts, etc 5 over 7, so i do the training as and when i can xx
    Hi Helen, I was reading a previous post of yours and note with interest that you said you decided to opt for paraben free and as organic as possible products. Would be interested to know if you found any you particularly like. I too am looking at going down this route. I am mobile so wouldnt be looking for an company that requires a large minimum order. I have already been in touch with essentiallyours.co.uk and am looking at their Natural Elemenents range which looks quite promising.
    Hi Helen,

    I'm all new to Salon Geek. Only joined today. Thank you for responding to my blog so quickly.
    I had a look on your website, which is very informative.
    I'd like to have a look at your salon and speak to you regarding the room. Before I do, I don't want to waste anyones time so I would just like to ask how much it would be, and I have no client base so I'd be worried that if I took on a room, I would get no clients.......therefore no money to pay the bills.

    Keeley x
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