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  • Hi Helen. To do shellac you have to already be trained in manicure and pedicure. Your best option would be to contact head office which is check the website under education and you can see what courses we do and also where your nearest educator will be under the education ambassadors tab. The officer are closed at the weekend but if you would like to discuss any training with them you could ring them Monday on 08452106060 hope this helps Xx
    Thanks Jacquelineanna, St Tropez have just opened an account for here goes. Can I ask if you do two coats on a person, someone told me with St Tropez you need to use two, obviously using more solution per many mils per person do you use on average? It's good to hear their customer service and delivery are good as that's so important! Thanks again xx
    Hi Helen, I really don't understand why so few people on this site use St Tropez!! Anyway, this is the only solution I have ever used up until recently when I added the Nouvatan. St Tropez Customer service and delivery has always been good and I have never had any problems with them. Extremely professional company. Training is very good. Really can't fault them. Nouvatan colour and fade off is lovely but people don't know who they are!! Have to rely on my clients word of mouth to advertise it - the colour is very lovely and that obviously helps. xx
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