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  • hi Helen

    How are you its Sarah from Go Gel wondered how you were getting on with gel have not heard from you so wondered if all is ok or you need any help

    call me on 07833247614
    Hi Helen

    Yes I have the following dates it was Monday February 9th or february 23rd. Ring me on my mobile and I will send a try me kit or my academy number which is 01303 256305 07833247614 try and come on the conversion course as it will really benefit you and irons out problems you may have but call me any way Ill help as much as I can over phone

    Hi helen

    Next conversion course is the 9th February if your interested I can book you on but if you want to have a play with the product before I can send you the starter pack with instructions if you have a light already only costs £35+ Vat if your interested you can call me tomorrow on my mobile which is 07833247614 to have a chat and Course are in Folkestone Kent

    Hi Helen

    I am in Folkestone in Kent is that any good for you where are you if you want give me a call on my mobile

    hi hope you dont mind me texting you . just see yr starting out with yr business and using le chat. i also doing the same so thought would be nice to text ya
    i agree, the colour chart is not up to much is it. lol
    i'd say everything looks much 'cooler' on the online chart

    my recomendations would be
    sweet truffle which is a rich red brown.
    gala ball which is a gorgeous magenta colour
    and pomagranate which is a lovely red whith a hint of brown.
    i also like tangerine which is a good orangey shade
    fireglow which i would describe as coral
    and dragon fruit which is a pinky red.
    i like the pearl drops colour to mix with these colours to obtain lighter frosted shades and double your colour collection.
    i think i will take a photo of the colours i have and put it up on my blogspot as the colours seem to be a bit more true in my pics.
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