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  • Today 05:02 PM - permalinkstirthemud
    Hiya hellishbellish,
    Good to have you in our little family of NH people . I am sure you will love Practitioner as much as TT. Where will you do it? I am signed up for the Liverpool course in a few months. Kx
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    Hi Hun, hope you enjoyed your TT course at the weekend :) I can only say from my own experience but when I did TT I came home and immediately did several massages to embed what I had learnt. I ran an offer of several massages for a discounted price to get people interested and told all my clients that I thought it would appeal to (target) DON'T undersell yourself or do it for nothing though depending on what you usually charge for massage knock say a fiver off each one? This is just a suggestion based on my own idea... I do FAR more massage now than I did before I did NO HANDS and NH is all I offer now alongside my Beauty Treatments. If you can I would say go for Immersion, it's the best Business move I have ever made, changed my life literally! I have been around this company now since 2006 and I am STILL excited by the courses (no they don't pay me, lol) hope this helps , feel free to contact me.kx
    Hi, I saw your post about belmacil tint and not being able to find it anywhere. Sorry I can't help much, I'm in Australia so it's available everywhere over here. Belmacil and refectocil are prob the most commonly available tints here. I know a few people recommended refectocil too... I use both brands in the salon and like them both to be honest, the belmacil though is slightly more intense. Hope you do manage to track down a supplier.
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