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  • Hi Andrea, ieally sorry to hear that you have decided to pack it all in and that you have lost all your confidence, yes it might be easier to wait til your little boy starts full time at school, dont get rid of all your stuff though incase you do decide to give it another go. Maybe if you go to the Event this year it may spark something inside you again?, who knows! lol Yes i'm fine thanks, i went on my conversion, yeah it was fine thanks. I want to go on a one2one with CND but i'm waiting til i pass my driving test so that i can get there under my own steam, lol.
    Well take care of yourself and speak soon.
    Ahhh your back!! Yay!!!:lol:
    How have you been?? I hope all is well with you and your family, we will have to catch up soon, do you reckon you'll be going to the next event??
    thanks sorry to be nosey lol
    i thought they were white? do they do them in white?
    deb x
    Do not pack in hun just yet. I am postin a thread in a bit for advise and may be if all goes to plan i can bring some luck your way. keep practicin what u do babes, honestly there is some thing with your name on it round the corner, i have a feelin hun
    love jenny
    Hi hun, how are u doin since u left tan to go. Business is really slow at the min for me what about u. Do not get me wrong i have my usuall ladies but strugglin to bring in new clientel at min. Not sure if u have read but i am going to be only offerin waxing and peds in the summer xx
    Hi hun, business is really slow at the mo, hopefully it will pick up soon. we had a lovely christmas thanks, i love christmas too! lol. No i didn't know about your salon, its such a shame that you got caught in the middle and have to shut it down. Hopefully your clients will follow you where ever you go, something else will come along i'm sure, or maybe it will work out workig form home??
    No i haven't done any CND training yet, i just haven't had the funds, i'm hopeing that when everything is sorted i will be able t do some training.
    I hope you and your family are well, take care, oadsa hugs, Jo.xxx
    Sounds about right hun. U are best out of it if i am honest. There is a two shops i have considered but will probably need some work. One is at car vale and the other at hill top at bolsover. I have been told i could have it cheap, but it such a big job to do purely on your own, plus with the current climate the way it is. Business is good and i have allot of regulars, but at the min everything gone really quite, which i suppose is to be expected. I am starting to think about getting anouther job, part time just till i have built up more. I did really well befor xmas, and allot of ladies come to me because they have a problem if u no what i mean, so it is slow building up. I have nail clients but more for when then going out, like crimbo and the 18 th i did nearly killed me. What are u thinking of doin now hun ? Hope u got all those ladies names u been doin. xx
    I know what you mean, they are a nightmare i found out first hand, never again. At least you gave it a good shot hun. I am sure u will go from strength to strength now and if u go mobile u can work your own hours and not have to worry about paying rent. Did u manage to get your bond back hun, i soooo hope so. I never got mine.

    Have u any plans for anouther salon chic, i keep umming and ahhing but in the current climate dare not. Hope u had a fab crimbo hun, i did not want to get up this morning xxx
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