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    Wax One-help

    Hello! My name is Helen and I am the wax:one educator for Creative Academy London. Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with your products. Did you train with wax:one or have the opportunity to attend one of our wow sessions before purchasing your products?! Your wax pot should be...
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    Which Shellac colour would be suitable?

    For a soft navy I’d suggest indigo frock and for the pink, possibly pink pursuit although it is more peach/pink but still has a neutral tone. Alternatively you could try layering to create a new colour altogether x
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    Manicures/pedicures at residential homes?

    I think the biggest challenge you will face with this age group will be a) their mobility and b) contra indications. I often find older people will struggle to lift feet in and out of pedi bowls unaided, and may struggle to relax their hands due to health conditions. You will also find they are...
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    Shellac bubbles problem!

    Hello! I have experienced this exact thing with a client of my own recently - it is not happening with any other clients so i can rule out the cause being down to product or application. They appear with an hour or 2, and disappear as quickly as they came. My CND LED lamp is brand new and I...
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    Gel polish manicure and pedicure

    I personally would recommend you soak after gel polish application. Nails are absorbent and can swell when soaked. This may cause wrinkling of gel polish product as moisture leaves the nail x
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    What is your favorite nail "hack"?

    An oldie but goodie ... Polish smudges - blob of SolarOil, smooth over with finger, voila!
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    Acrylic brush size?

    I use a size 10 :) When I was initially training I used a size 8 as it allows more contol/prevents flooding etc. However, over time I have come to settle on a Size 10. I think when using zonal application using too big a brush will create nails that are too thick and ultimately result in a lot...
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    L&P course provider

    I trained with CND and I cannot fault their training. It’s detailed, and hands on so you get a good amount of both theory and practical knowledge. I tried a few of the brands mentioned above after completing my training and have to say I just ended up going back to CND. You really can’t beat it x
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    Regular polish - best brand?

    I second CND Vinylux - coverage is perfect, application is super quick as it doesn’t require a base coat (and I’ve never experienced staining) and it lasts beautifully! X
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    Nail mail

    Outblack & glossing buffer Boomerang was out of stock I love that peeps on here care which files I got lol I didn't think anyone in the world cares which files I got :) Out of interest do you know if the hotshots were back in stock when you ordered?! Didn't have them in my last order.... But...
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    Cheapest set near you?

    What have I just seen [emoji31][emoji31][emoji31] That cannot be unseen. My eyes are burning [emoji43][emoji43]
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    Do you offer additional services?

    Booked with Nouvatan eeeeeekkk [emoji13][emoji13][emoji5]️[emoji122][emoji122] xx
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    Possible allergic reaction

    I've noticed that I'm getting sensitive to acetone. If ever j accidentally oversoak my pad and it trickles on to my hand it gets a bit red and irritated. Will definitely be wearing gloves from now on [emoji31] xx
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    Do you offer additional services?

    There training is actually really reasonable and the kit is quite good too! They are offering £50 off at the mo if you book with a kit :)
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    Do you offer additional services?

    Who did you both train with in spray tanning?! Xx