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  1. Herman

    Spray Paraffin

    No sorry, the paraffin sprays will not fit in any other hive roller system, but all other manufacturers depilatory wax will fit in the multi pro heater.
  2. Herman

    For goodness sake!!

    We are all taught lessons every day, thats how we become who we are, whether we like it or not. Some people on this site need to be taught, a lessons in: Respect Thoughtfulness Etiquette Professionalism Restraint HumilityIf people are only gonna be Bolshy then go do it elsewhere. I...
  3. Herman

    For goodness sake!!

    Is'nt this the same as a "nails only Monday" except it lasts a week. and it would stop some people telling others off for posting non nail related topics. I suggested it so Sam would have less to do for a while, though it would be short lived. How come it has been mentioned twice about a...
  4. Herman

    For goodness sake!!

    Hi Sam Just a thought, why dont you lock all the forums for a week apart from the nail one and return TheNailGeek back to its former glory (for a week at least). Nails, Nails, Nails. Take a week off, go on holiday with the her indoors :hug: and the kids. It may make people thing about...
  5. Herman

    £1000 Reward...

    Dare I say it............I bet it ends up on E-Bay Thats were i would be looking.
  6. Herman

    Spray Tan - extras??

    Click on the link for disposable tanning products. http://www.ekmpowershop.com/ekmps/shops/eliteonline/index.asp?function=DISPLAYCAT&catid=106
  7. Herman

    Lash Tinting course?

    I have an answer! Our courses are run by Hive, to Qualify for the course you have to be qualified within the beauty industry (hairdresser, nail tech, Masseur, aromatherapist, beautician etc.etc). Therefor you should have covered anatomy and physiology of the skin which is the hard part. What...
  8. Herman

    Any Slimming World geeks..I have a ?

    Check out this site for you Slimming world questions http://www.pontandcas-slimming-world.co.uk/
  9. Herman

    Hair re-growth problems

    If this persists you could try a Hair Growth Retardant. http://www.ekmpowershop.com/ekmps/shops/eliteonline/index.asp?function=DISPLAYPRODUCT&productid=726
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    Climb centre

    Ive tryed many sports in my time and consider myself to be fairly fit. Indoor rock climbing is by far the hardest on the cardio vascular system i have tryed. I always use a heart rate monitor when training and the highest heart rate i have recorded was 220bpm and that was on a climbing wall...
  11. Herman

    Calling all West Yorks mobile techies

    Just let us know if you want us to be the host for the night and we'll be there with nibbles and stuff. I Dont post here much but you know were I am if you need to get in touch. How fast 2 years go by Speak soon ...Hermie
  12. Herman

    lil whistler 3 way buffer

    We dont have them in the online shop but we do stock them, try giving the shop a call, ask for Amanda (Lily) 01977 510800.
  13. Herman

    Macmillan Cancer Relief

    Thank you all for your pledges of help, I guess I will now have to dig my bike out from behind all the clutter in the garage and see if the saddle is as hard and painful as I remember. The main reason I’ am doing the ride for Macmillans is due to loosing a family member to Leukaemia. He was...
  14. Herman

    George Adams or Herman Munster?

    Ive spoke to Kimmi and she didnt know there was anyone regestered on here in the name of Herman So no offense taken and all is well.....I hope Hermie
  15. Herman

    George Adams or Herman Munster?

    I've sent a PM to GMG which basically asks him to confirm it has nothing to do with me. I have also copied it to Ruth, Gigi & Kimmi. Don’t worry about it too much "whats in the news today will be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper" Cheers Hermie