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  • Wow.. I like the sound of your fella LOL.. have you found all of those choccie eggs yet??.. I'm on my way round to your house to give you a hand!!!.. well what are geeky friends for? LOL
    Hi hun, how are you doing for models on 1st March with Kim. I'm far away, but let me see how much it costs to get up there and will let you know. I wont committ as yet until I see what it costs! Also is it just a female braz model you are after?
    Excellent hun. Thank you for that. It's always nice to support the smaller companies xxx
    Ah I see. Will the course still be accredited and does she require you to do case studies do you know hun? xxx
    Hi hun, just seen your job advert, then I saw your car and I thought, OMG I remember when you posted that pic after you bf did that and you were just starting out.
    Doesn't time fly lol
    Hi, I see a previous thread from a couple of years ago in regards to you doing a hair extension course at KM. I am looking to do a course with them to cover the 5 methods they offer, and just wanted to know about your experience with them. Was their course effective? Have you been using their course to your business advantage?

    Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

    Thanks for the ah in the job sectionxxxx move to leeds and I will be with you !!!!!!
    thanks for the rep....i just hope your issues with your training get sorted out xx
    Heya there Hev,
    Just wondering are you still looking for a guinea pig for your hair extensions? if so i would love to help out.I'm from Chelmsford too so i would be free anytime,thanks for your time. =)
    I would love to get mine done - I already have some bonded ones in though - but they are in desperate need of maintenance. Would you be able to do that? Thanks a lot, Talia x
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