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  • Hi hun. How's it all going?? can't help thinking about you once in a while. Hope your christmas was great. Hugs xx
    Nah ! Not yet, I'm not expecting much for Xmas as we're just back from holiday and spent a shedload of $ $ $ - so it will bulk out my meagre pile of parcels
    Aww yeeey, sorry i didn't wrap it!Lol
    In your description thing it said you liked cooking and butterflies so i thought butterfly biscuit cutters!LOL
    She can and I bet she is. I have had some experiences, which has left me to believe there's more that what meets the eye, and I'm sure she's there with you.
    I have told my children, when they have asked if we all die, that our harts is tied together with invisible strings of love, so even when we turn into angels, we can always reach each other and will always be connected. That's a way of looking at it that kinds of makes sense in a simple way... So she's with you all the time I'm sure :hug:XXX
    You are very welcome. I have cried with you when you told about your loss, and it's so nice to read your recent blog, as it seems that now you have at last few moments of happiness XX
    it took me around 6 years to get my self back on track but honestly my life now is so far away from the dark times and i know i am a better person from it
    I have 2 new beautiful kids who wouldnt be here if the carl n joel thing never happened
    Hi hayley saw your blog about not sleeping ect i believe dawn told you about my 2 boys and honestly it does get easier it never leaves you but time eases the pain
    I like you kept busy and still keep busy big hugs and if you ever want a chat about it call or email me x x
    I just read about your daughter passing away. I'm so sorry for you and your family but I'm sure she's always around you. Big hugs. Kim xx
    I give my clients a bar of 70% chocolate after they have had a choc treatment. taps into all of the senses that way!!!
    I have read your blogs and just wanted to say I cant stop crying. I hope your family and friends are there for you to comfort you.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi, I have just read your blog & just wanted to say I am so sorry for yours & family's loss. It is such a sad sad time for you all so please if you need to talk or even shout & off-load anything feel free to do so, because I and many others will not mind in the least:hug:x
    Your children are truly beautiful & am sure you all have many happy memories and many more to come.
    Lots of love
    Niki xxxx:hug::hug:
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