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  • Hi Ann, if I get down there I'm going to drive. Have got a late night on the Saturday doing a hen party so havent' settled on any arrangements as of yet. Are you going down for Sun & Mon or just one of them? T.x
    PMSL!! I know and I couldn't believe she posted her questions in the Skin Hair AND nail forum so she had three chances to get a sucker!

    I'm fab, keeping busy and beavering away. I hada lovely xmas and new year, nice & quiet. Eat far too much though so signed up for fat camp eek! Really settling into the massage and getting very good feedback from my clients so again thank you v much for a fabulous course.

    How are you doing these days?

    Sarah x
    Hey, I contacted them and they said that the min order is £1000 which I can't really afford at the moment, but the treatments do look amazing. I'll keep them on hold until I can afford to bring them in! Thanks again for your help :o)
    Nothing yet, the company is still in administration and is running. The announcement is yet to be made who the new owner will be.
    Ah no worries, it's taken me until now to work out how to reply to a visitor message! Thanks for the welcome as well xx
    hi, thank you i did have a look and i had someone making it for me. i have now got another company doing this. thankyou for pointing this out to me was very helpful.

    Hi Ann

    I use a 2:1 ratio of jojoba oil and aloe vera pure gel and just whisk it to a creamy texture. It is excellent for dry skin. I use plain jojoba or almond oil for taking off eye make up and mascara as it doesn't drag the skin. I just use pure Argan oil as my night face cream - it doesn't stick and it absorbs extremely well. My exfoliator is just a paste of ginger and sugar with a bit of spring water and I use all sorts of face masks like honey, oatmeal and I put these on over a gauze mask. It can be a bit tricky doing it on yourself as unless you are lying down it tends to fall off but just mix it to a reasonable thickness. My skin really feels very soft after all this.
    Thanks Ann. Definitely seemed something worth sharing; I only found out about it on Friday - looks like a doddle to set up and use - and something that should be able to help a lot of people...
    Not a problem x Hope everything is ok?? Still massaging...and got a little stress ball to help these weak little paws!
    Oooh yes please...I'll put it in a nice frame. Got the Gerard's samples and info through. It looks, smells and feels lovely. I'm a bit stuck on what to choose but think I will def be going ahead with it...thanks for the recommendation Ann. Will have to save my pennies lol
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