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  • Hi Ann,

    Well I've been practising like crazy with my massage...Alan is about to propose I think lol. My mum gave me lots of helpful feedback and I've booked some massage treatments for myself yum yum. Hope you are well x
    Hello hippy-chick, I am so sorry to hear about your dear Dad .... sending you loads of big hugs x x x x minky
    I have gone a little retail crazy so hope it pays off. When I was worried I tried looking for another brand but realised I am a Gerards girl at heart.
    Panic over, I just placed an order they are all ok! They didn't realise at first that the phone was down for a few hours until someone told them who had an alternative number- I should have called Lucy!
    Cool, just found it very weird that the number was out of order...I hope I can get through tomorrow. Thanks for the info x
    Hey, how's it all going did you decide what treatment to train it?

    I've just started setting up a home salon as I have moved house and wanted to place an order for retail products, I just tried to call Gerards to place an order and their phone line is "temporarily out of order" do you know why? it's worrying me!

    Louise x (p.s your pm box is full)
    Hi Ann, Just want to thank you for such a great day, really enjoyed my training and will def be back for more! Hope to see you soon....take care. Erica.xx
    Fabby car, just checked for a reply on your blog lol I'm trying to organise my life re courses, I have a list, it's getting longer, this is my year to make it happen!
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