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  • take your time hun xxxx We're all here to cheer you up, drive you nuts, the normal stuff, when ever you're ready xxxxxxxxxxx
    I've managed to get my certificate sorted out for it now as my friend who used to manage the spa has sorted it out for me x
    Ah i've got bookings in then hun. I've already done my hotstone training but it would have been good to see more techniques x
    Hi Hoppy Chick, Have just had a look at the courses you run, you kindly pointed me in the right direction for an IHM course with Helen McGuiness ....... any plans to run an Advanced Reflexology Course? Many thanks. Fairchild
    hi ya sorry i have recently had to leave my old room so have no more pictures of that room but have put more pics of my new room i have just finished decorating hth x x
    Oooh yeah i'd love that. Been mega stressed at the mo which u can probably from my posts on here. Looking forward to the new year though to a fresh start :)
    Got my kit Hippy,its lovely ive just washed all my stones and put them in the garden.I know its cold but it is sunny xx
    Lucky you! Wish I had. Everything is more or less on schedule. I'm reasonably confident everything will just about get done although I don't seem to have a second of rest (or many sleeping hours at the minute lol) Oh and the Director is getting on my wick which doesn't help lol
    Not ready at all :( been getting up at 5am to try and get things sorted. Beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel now though. Just finished 2 full day and evenings of filming. Got one more to go, then sunday to run around sorting stuff and packing before work AND filming til late on Monday then work Tuesday then heading down to Heathrow Tuesday night. PHEW!!!!!! Am very, very tired. Can't wait to get on that massive plane and chill for 10 hours lol.
    I know, it just goes to show that its the big places that are the most unprofessional. It'll be as soon as I get a little bit more cash together. Also have you heard of Cuccio manicure and pedicure range?
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