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    Opinions on UV gels

    Search google for "uv soak off gel nail supplies" and usually the top 3 results are the best...
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    Suppliers.....please help

    Is nail harmony the owned by a guy called Danny? I saw him on facebook a while back!
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    Suppliers.....please help

    You should definitely check out nail supplies 24/7, they've got looooads of different coloured nail gels:- UV Colour Gels | Nail Supplies 24/7 Also standard soak offs too:- Soak Off UV Gels | Nail Supplies 24/7
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    Make up artists please help!

    But have you seen the prices?!!!! I just found the make-up training academy. The owner is Cristine Bleakley, the make-up artist who did daniel craig for 007 movies etc! So cool! here's a link to their page:- Make-up Training Academy London
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    Lash and brow tinting course cancelled again!

    Just do a search on Bing or something?
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    Need help with nail courses

    I've heard CND really push you. I'm considering doing their acrylic beginner course. By the way...I loooove your name! Kinky Boots is such a fabulous film!
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    Need help with nail courses

    I actually commented yersterday about the nails and beauty academy, if you want to go on an affordable practical nail course, rather than a DVD, then you could check them out:- Nail Courses | Nails and Beauty Academy
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    Cost of a nail course help

    That's an unfair comment to make. I think its more sensible to branch out and offer more services than just hair. I want to do a massage course, but I'm a nail tech. You go girl!
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    Cost of a nail course help

    It depends where you are, if you're in London, go with the Nails and Beauty Academy, they're great(I went there):- Nail Courses | Nails and Beauty Academy