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  • Hi essentia,
    So sorry i could not reply sooner. It has been the month of Ramadan and so we have been fasting for a month.
    Thank you so much for taking the time out and giving me your advice, which has been priceless in the past. I'm using needle size 4 on hard hairs on the face 3 on the thinner hairs. Even using blend does not give a smooth release.
    I think the problem has been getting used the tug that i have to give hairs with the apilus which does not happen with the carton diathermy machine.
    To be honest with you i was almost in tears when the hairs did not come out smoothly with the apilus. I felt i had been a fool to buy a machine which i could not operate as well as the old machine. Now i am getting used to the slight tug sensation that i have to use but i suppose i still am in 2 minds if getting the apilus cleo was worthwhile or not.
    Thanks once again for all your help.
    Kind regards,
    Hi Hmama,
    1st - do you have the correct needle size - do not be afraid to use 4 or 5?
    2nd -check hair depth and make sure you have the correct depth of insertion
    3rd you may have to alter the timing of the flash pulses
    4th try blend if they are too tough and do not forget that hair in the first clearance is usually drier and will need more current intensity/time.
    If you pull them then they are not epliated correctly although large bulbs can cause resistance at the folllicle mouth.
    Let me know how you get on.

    Regards essentia x
    Thanks Ruth. I've had loads of old style electrolysis but the Apilus is just a new concept to me hence so confused. Your advice of course is priceless.
    Thanks again.
    With the Cleo, there is only a slight "tug" if it's a particularly large root sheath; normally the hairs come out without much force at all...
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