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    Lash extension question

    Hi, I recently qualified as a Lash Tech and my certificate is in ‘Individual Eyelash Extensions’. I wondered if I could add pre made fans into the lashes I do for people who want a fuller look? I am looking into the next course which is ‘russian volume’ which includes 3D-6D volume lashes too...
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    Ellipse/flat base lash experiences?

    Hi, does anyone use lash extensions with a flat base or ellipse lashes? If so, are they any different when on the eye? Are they worth it[emoji389][emoji389]?! Thanks, Holly
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    Newly qualified lash extension help!

    Thank you everyone!!!! X
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    Newly qualified lash extension help!

    I have just completed my course in individual eyelash extensions and now looking to add to my kit but I don’t know where to start! Can anyone guide me as to what I need to buy in terms of lashes? Which curl, diameter lashes I should invest in..... I will stick to mixed trays as works out cheaper...