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Hi, my name is Valerie Pow
I am the founder and owner of Puritay Spa. I started researching paraben and sulphate free skin care products in 2012 .The reason for this is I have come across so many people ,family and friends that are suffering with skin problems ,even my own grandchildren and daughters. This cause me to look even deeper into the chemicals that are put into our skincare products.
In 2013 Puritay Spa was launched .My aim is to bring an awareness about parabens and how it poses a thread to our health as consumers.
Puritay Spa supply natural organic paraben and sulphate free beauty skincare products .Our suppliers source all their ingredients from the Uk. None of our products are tested on animals.
Our mission is to help consumers to make a healthy choice when selecting natural pure skincare products.
The purity of our products is of the upmost important to our company.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

contact us on www.puritayspa.co.uk
Business name
Puritay Spa
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Products or services sold
Puritay Spa sold Skincare products and our services include: waxing, nails massage, Makeup eyelashes, eyebrows, manicure ,pedicure and complementary therapies.
  • nails
  • waxing
  • massage
  • makeup
  • lashes
  • brows