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    deep moisture for hair

    tanagra hair repair is only available in salons , it will take about 1 hour to do and costs from£50 it is not usually any more than this and you can get deals on 3 for £125 which is the recommended amount, i can give the web adress and that will tell you salons in your area that do it...
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    deep moisture for hair

    hi all , sounds like you are in desperate need of protien in the hair ,this is removed by straightening and colouring hair.conditioners ,deep, leave in , are all water soluable so they will help mask it over for a time but can not rebuild the hair from the inner to outer hair shaft , in our...
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    Wedding Hair!

    patrick cameron is the best hair up expert known to man kind . i know from time to time he does courses but i am not sure when but he has amazing books and videos out that are really helpfull , but if you have never done hair then you need to start with the basic hair up techniques as they do...
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    Glossy Hair!!!

    we have the tanagra permanent hair repair system in the salon and i find this is the best way of making your hair feel smooth and shiny and is fantastic!!! one treatment is £50 but is well worth your money!!