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  • Don't see you around much on the site these days, but just wanted to wish you many happy returns and hope you are keeping well :hug: xx
    Looks like we both dip in and out of Salon Geek at the moment ... just wanted to wish you many happy returns on your birthday! :hug: xx
    hey you xxx was sorry not to see you again at this years event xx hope all good your end xx thanks for the congrates xx so happy xx
    8 kids!.. are you crazy!?

    I haven't used the compact... I don't really like that kind of brush.
    The wooden handle has such a lovely weight and it isn't as long as the other brushes I have used, which I think is great.
    I'm sure that you'll love it too x
    Nosey away! Acrylic Kolinsky Sable Brush #12 Dark Wood handle at Affiniti

    Hope you're well honey :hug:
    Hi, Hope, hope you don't mind but was wondering how Cathie was? When I left College I shadowed her in the salon and was a client for about a year until I took all my enhancements off. Want to contact her for Minx but not heard a thing from her on the site. Hope she is OK. Thanks. Babs xx
    I see your move is really soon...so YAY from me too!!
    Will email you (honest) and get caught up!
    Hiya Rachel:hug:
    It's aaaaagggggeeeeees since we spoke - how are you all?
    OMG it was hard... LOL I was having one of those days and wanted to verbally tear her to shreds... She just seemed hellbent on being 'right' and didn't want to admit she'd made an error, then she turned it personal when no one else had.... aacckk In the beginning I tried to ignore her... but then her 'need' to have last word set me over the edge and I snapped LOL
    A lovely week in The Lakes...then a week at home being a Stepford wife....want to pop round for some homemade apple pie ??
    But hi ho hi ho it's back off to work I go..................
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