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  • Ah I see.. well the waxing site is the sister site to my beauty and holistic site but that side of it isnt ready to 'expose' yet lol!!!
    I am going to be specialising in waxing and massage mainly but will offer other treatments that I enjoy doing if the client requests it (and I can fit them in wink wink!!)
    Do you mean nail enhancements? I do offer these yes, but do not enjoy this service very much, probably due to insecurities about the finished nail. Well the finished nails are ok actually.. its the maintenance that I struggle with.. night mare if there is lifting.. I still struggle with lift lines.. head banging totally annoying!!!!

    Why do you ask flower?
    Hey, I mean it.... If you ever want your nails doing, give me a shout and we can work something out xxxx
    Wow that was quick...thanks for the rep chick :hug:
    I am glad someone gets what I was trying to say....it can get so frustrating can't it? :D
    Hello my darling...just a huge thank you and a hug for my sponsorship! I can't believe what my total has reached! Hoping you and all yours are vey well! Lots of love Lyndsay & Morgandie xxxxxxx
    Hi Hope, Could you please pm me the name you wish to appear on your participation certificate. cheers
    do you know what... I didn't even notice -what a plonker... well there you go, I made you laugh at my supidity!! :hug: xo
    Hey Gorgeous... ready your blog. Chin up and kick the ass of the bully!! Love Sam x
    Am going to try and get him into St Bernadette's...should have put that as 2nd choice.....should be OK as we hold the Catholic card!
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