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  • Nooooooo it hasn't come yet, just rang them and they said if we don't get it by Friday they will send out a dulpicate!
    Lol I wouldnt call it fun....got a bit bored towards the end lol...
    Clients are impressed though ..looks good on show !!!
    I dont find time to fart these days lol, washing, cooking, cleaning, wiping dirty faces, working, school runs, its a nightmare but I'm loving it :lol::green:
    Hiya hun, I'm ok thanks, my neck is playing up again and i got told off by chiro yesterday for not going to see him sooner :cry: Just busy here with little one, god only knows how you cope with all yours lol :hug::hug:
    Thanks, I can come across snappy sometimes as my hubby says, but I'm a soft old sod & I certainly don't mean to sound harsh xxx
    Thanks Hun, can't wait to get started now. Got a long way to go and lots of practicing but it'll be worth it in the end. Hope your ok
    arrrggghh Rach dont ask, i completly f****d up lol, got in a strop, filed too much, made my nails sore and red ffs took me a year to stop the medical probs , now ive just caused loads of damge in one afternoon lol, when will i learn,
    hows u hun? xxxxx
    I missed you guys
    t answer the question i had a big fire and lost all of my equipment but i up and running.
    the site
    What a lovely start to my day!!....and a laugh as well, hearing my husband say to the delivery man "Well there no from ME!!"
    They are beautiful....and inspirational, maybe a rose design will be getting tried out now!:hug:
    i am sure you are still totally gorgeous!! Halloween baby -you have have named him Jason!! heeeee heeee
    That is lovely and sad too :sad: So sorry you have had such a loss...Joe has a lovely Guardian Angel to look out for him always xxxxx :hug:
    Ahhhhh I think I remember...it was Mrs Geek who made me wonder lol...
    And tell me about it...my 5th is such a terror... I am not sure if he is really worse or if I am just too old and too tired from the other 4 !!! :D
    Anyway have to say.... Joe has a cool name...!!!
    I am feeling much better thanks...My throat is like glass but that just stops me eating...which can only be a good thing :D
    Hope you are well...and what have I missed? Have you had a baby? Going to do some digging around lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OMG Baby Jo... just saw that... congratulations... does that make it a him or her Jo. Hope you are well xx
    Rachel you must have had the baby by now... did I miss something?? Beautiful pic of you above BTW!! x
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