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  • I'm really well, darling....hows you? Moved and better? You must email me your new address xxxxx
    OMG, the move sounds painful!! Chippenham is not far from me at all, would be nice to meet up again when you're settled......

    I'm good thanks, busy which is always good. Juggling at the moment with the school hols, but that's always the way...... Speak soon xx
    Hey you, good to see you posting again! How's things? I hope from your status that your move is imminent, are you going far? Hope you and the family are ok xxx
    Bloody bandage! It's a client of mine who originally taught me at college, she's great and happy to help me out.

    Great luck with the move.

    Meant to be going camping to the Big Chill on Thurs, can you imagine it with this thing on, maybe I will get into the disabled area!
    Hey you! Had the op on Thurs....bloody nightmare, they said I would wake up with a bandage on...well, what a bandage. Out of action for at least 2 weeks, have lost £200 of business already, gutted, at least my clients will be looked after! How's the move going?
    You should be settled by now...any chance of finding out your new address lol :hug:
    Hey gorgeous girl.....I'm good! Busy, (yay!) but good! Hows you guys? Did I pick up from some one you are on the move? Must catch up...I WILL call one day, when i get a moment to spare! xxxx
    Hi there.....I am great, pretty busy still...but looking forward to the Bank Holiday on Monday yaaaay!!!!
    Hows you and yours????
    I'm not doing too bad with the brisa, I do have issues with the white chipping off the fe on tips (sculpting white) and some chipping at the smile on the side walls.
    I went on Cut the Cord last Monsay 23rd, with Clare and it was excellent - got another lamp for £1 - now my toe lamp. So last week, I did 1 set of gel toes & a couple of gel polishes using brisa bolds & mixing them up.
    I discovered a lush dark plum by mixing 2 red, 2 purple & 1 blue (scoops), would look lovely with a bit of shimmer in too.
    Hello you! I'm good thanks.. The finger has healed now and I am booked in for surgery in July.....hopefully it won't break again between now and then! How are the plans for Chippenham? xxx
    your welcome xx good news alls on the up, a house move sounds like hard work with 5 kids lol but very exciting xxxxxx can you believe its nearly easter !!!!! ruddy year is flying.. oscar starts school in sept and it will be here before I know it .. he might be ready but this mum isn't !! lol
    well ruddy hello xxx been hoping u were ok and asked after you last time I spoke to kate xx she said joe was doing very well xx which I was very happy to hear, so hows you doing? (apart from being super busy mum lol) work wise? etc? me good all set up and going well x enjoying work and all calm on the home front xx (touch wood!) xx good to see u about rach xxx
    How spooky....I looked for you earlier this week and thought if I didn't see much of you on here I would buzz you next week for a catch up! In fact, why don't I do that anyway....it'd be nice to chat! xx
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