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  • Fantastic....you check with Vetty and I'll keep it in the diary! So looking forward to seeing you again :hugs: xxx
    Oh wow...what great timing, it would be fab to see Vetty too! I would think as long as she is OK with it, I could come over to you, and we can all relax and catch up! Yay....perfect :hug: x
    Hello gorgeous lady...there's a good chance I may be in Bristol on Monday 15th with am empty diary and a little girl who would love to meet Auntie Rach and Joe! I know its only a couple of weeks away but are you likely to be able to catch up? xx
    Hi Rachel, you'll be staggered to know I've posted something to you today - 1st class no less lol!
    that sounds a little more hopeful xx so far so good I guess xxx thinking of the little man xx let me know how next week goes babe xxxxxxxxx
    I'm very excited about my log cabin!
    It's going to be a lovely one, 44mm thick walls, sealed unit d/glazed window & half glazed door, insulated floor & roof and 3m x 3m in size!!! The man's coming round this morning to measure to ground to quote me on dooing the base, but he'll get the job to do it as well as he's going to get on with it quicker than my hubby!
    I'll post pics when it's all going on - hopefully up in about 2-3 weeks!!!
    Blimey, i bet that was fun!! :lol:
    We are all well thanks, the kids are listening to christmas songs already and getting more and more excited every day :lol:
    not long left now is there!
    Speak to you soon, Jo.xxx
    Nope ... I'm such a chicken :Scared: :lol:

    As soon as I do, you'll be the first to know! :green: xx
    Hi Rachael how are you and how's your children? I hope all is well, Sorry i haven't been by on here for a while been a bit busy lol
    well take care and speak to you soon, loadsa hugs Jo.xxx
    How long have I been on this site, and today I have forgotten which page to put a visitor message on....and found out that the return button sends a PM!!........it must be my age :irked:
    Definitley a glitch somewhere....you want to resend??
    I only seem to have recieived emails about James Villas, Laithwaites wine, and all sorts of lovely things I can't afford before Xmas.lol!!!..Oh and Sam;s Blogspot all about sunny Malta :irked:!!
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