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  • Check my profile page...dimwit that I am I answered you on there.......I have no email from you though!!!
    Sorry...got a week off with Mike this week...Xmas shopping and all that kind of stuff...no time for geeking :rolleyes:
    Loads of comments from random strangers on the Minx and they're still on. Hope all is well with you and yours despite everything else xxx
    I'm doing OK thanks.
    I'm so sorry I've not posted your bits to you yet - I wrote you a letter, left it on the side near the PC, and Mark took a phone call and jotted notes on the bottom of the bloody letter! I've got to sit & write it again or just scribble it out & send you it lol
    How's things with you & little 'un?
    Hugs & luv Bev xxxxx
    It'd be fab to see you both. I'll ask Graeme to let me know his plans....they've been a bit all over the place lately as he's been travelling all over as opposed to being just in Bristol! Thing is I need to come down with him when he's there for about 3 or 4 days, but I can't do any longer as i have clients! Leave it with me to have a look at the diary! xxx
    I should have got a model, but decided it was easier to use myself and more convenient....... Next year I'll do it properly, lol!!!

    I'd love to meet you and Lyndsey, when you know a date let me know & I'll see if I can make it....... And you're welcome here any time xxx
    Hairdryer or lamp, I will have 2 slightly shorter nails to save myself from your frame of mind and scissors!!!!
    Was just about to ask if Friday was still OK! I'm very excited and have been taking care of my nails, even did a mini mani on myself today! I have 2 shorter nails so will let you decde what to do with them xxx
    Thanks for the pic comment - me and my Dad ate the cakes after we'd done the photography, lol!!! I think if I want to do better in SYS I need to stop using myself as a model...... My nail beds are pants!
    Hi Rachael, yeah we are fine thanks, no, no plans this weekend, alex is having to work so i'm home with the kids. I'm pleased that your all ok, Take care and speak soon, loadsa hugs, Jo.xxx
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