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    Shellac soak off and re-apply timings help!

    I also find it rather rude to say the above highlighted line, please don't class me as some of you , I rarely visit the site.... I find it hard to swallow that you would feel that you can write in a rude way and then think that by writing 'no offence' that this cancels it out, because it doesn't...
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    Shellac soak off and re-apply timings help!

    Ouch! that's a little rude imho...... I generally take about an hour to re shellac/gelish.....I am very confident that I have done a fantastic job and my clients are very happy with the work I have done. I moved about 18 months ago and ALL of my clients followed me to where I am now (which is...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    There has been an echoey silence....the worries people have written about on FB haven't been responded to by NH. How you have worded your post makes it sound SO simple, but it just isn't that simple. I chose to use Gelish and both myself and my clients love it....great news!....however...
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    Shellac or Gelish

    Having used Gelish for a number of months now with fab results I can honestly say I never remove shine (I only ever PEP) and I have never felt the need to buff the topcoat either, I simply wrap the nail with foil using the remover and by the time I have finished the final nail I only need wait a...
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    First few sets of acrylics

    I think that the majority of people starting out in nails find it incredibly challenging it really isn't as easy as the pro's make it look. Keep practising though and with each set you will find something 'clicks' in to place. To be a good nail technician takes a long time and needs a lot...
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    Which course should I take OPI, NSI, IBD or EZ-Flow

    Can I ask why you don't have CND on your list. IMHO training doesnt get any better than CND. Over the years there have been so many who first trained with another company to save a few pennies but ended up training with CND afterwards as the training they offer just can't be beaten.
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    Introducing our new Geek Guides!

    Go Geek guides! what a fab idea x
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    Shellac and gelish

    I haven't found that the white goes yellow with Gelish. Its funny how different we all are and that obviously different systems do give us all a choice to find a product that suits us....I personally prefer the consistency of Gelish and find it soaks off quicker than Shellac even if I don't...
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    Garra Rufa Fish Spa

    I've not heard of this, tell me more lol!
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    Comment by 'Hope' in media 'Off with the old (Wildfire) and on with the new (Tutti Frutti) Shellac 2 days old. Shellac 2 days old amongst the Bougainvillea'

    Gorgeous Photo There is something about Shellac.....shine, depth of colour, longevity......I would never have worn such bold colours in an enamel.....but my goodness in Shellac they look awesome xx
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    LED lights vs UV lights? I'm confused!

    I so get what you mean, suddenly they want to scratch their arm and get fluff all over the inhibition layer :irked:
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    LED lights vs UV lights? I'm confused!

    I know I am by far a speedy worker, but how many of you think that having a 10-30 sec timer would really save you 12 min, I know that there is no way I would have fininshed the other hand in 10-30 secs IYKWIM
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    My pleasure Sandi xx

    My pleasure Sandi xx
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    My pleasure, no sleep isn't funny, hope you like it xx

    My pleasure, no sleep isn't funny, hope you like it xx