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    Soft white smiles/natural overlay

    Right, here we are again! I used natural well-less tips, then used CND soft white for the smiles and then natural from the Custom Blend kit I've just bought. Can you see any improvement from last time? I still think they look a bit bulbous at the sides and too thick at the tip. They look ok...
  3. hotnailz

    Competition Results - Dress A Nail Spring/Summer 2007

    Well done Glo, Tiger and Dessi! :hug: I haven't logged on for a couple of days due to a hen weekend :twisted: !!! and when I showed my hubby all the entry photos he looked at Glo's pic and said "that's the winner!" He's got good taste.......:green: Well done all who entered! Wouldn't...
  4. hotnailz

    Real name - you gotta be joking lol!!

    Odette....I really, really wish I could give you some rep points for that link. I've just spent the last half hour laughing like a drain!:lol: It's not so much the names but the little comments afterwards. Class!:green:
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    NEC UK Nail Tech 2007 results

    Well done all!! You're a credit to the industry and an inspiration to us all.:hug:
  6. hotnailz

    Congratulations Kirsty!!!!!!!!!! NEC comp.

    WOW..:eek: :green: How cool is that?! Well done:hug:
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    Drying acrylics

    I can see by your profile that you use nsi. I did my nail technology course using nsi L&P and always found it took ages to dry. I was even taught to tap the finished nail with the end of my brush to check it sounded dry!! Since using Retention+ I've found that by the time I've finished the...
  8. hotnailz

    What learning style are you?

    Yes, there are crossover styles, but of course I couldn't put all of them on the poll! lol.... but if you look at the Kinsesthetic style, you realise it should be visual/kinesthetic because you do need to watch something done first and then do it yourself. As opposed to just visual, which means...
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    Real name - you gotta be joking lol!!

    OMG...the best laugh I've had in ages....poor little thing, though.:lol: :eek:
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    What learning style are you?

    I have been having real problems lately with getting to grips with my technique. I've posted on Critiques a couple of times and always get great feedback, usually saying "check out the tutorials, get Nailclass, get mum's Encyclopedia of Nails." All of which I've done. Here's the crunch...
  11. hotnailz

    Started my new job in the salon today!

    Well done, hun :hug:
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    Geeky challenge pics !!!!

    Nope, I think this is the gold from the Christmas Holiday Bling enamel set. It's either Pulse, VIP Status or Disco Ball ( don't know which is which...lol!) Back to thread though.....both sets are beautiful ...well done to the geeks. My vote is cast, but it was hard. xx
  13. hotnailz

    Geeky challenge pics !!!!

    Would it be Sugar Baby? #288? Will check for def. xx
  14. hotnailz

    Shall I just give up now and become a window cleaner?!

    Thanks, you guys.:hug: You're all too nice to tell me I'm cr*p, anyway...LOL Still not happy.....I'll have to spend less time Geeking and more time practising!:eek: I love doing nails and I'm blummin' determined to get better. (Sorry about the brush flinging earlier - big strop!). I'm...
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    Sanitising clients hands with manicures??

    Wash and sanitise my own hands and sanitise clients/guinea pig's hands every time. Gotta be able to do something right, at least!:rolleyes: