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  • Hey Anita, what hard wax do you use for brazilians...have tried the euro essentials rose one.Would love to know what you recommend.


    Yes, I have thought about becoming a trainer. I am starting to do some one-on-one work with Estheticians, but one step at a time. I used to work as a nail tech instructor, but got out of it because I really missed working with my clients, so I'm not ready to leave that part of my work yet :)
    When I have a website (other than my facebook one) up and running I'll let you know.
    It all sounds great.....good luck to you. Have you thought about becoming a trainer?

    Yes, Lori is lovely isn't she. Let me know when you have a link to your new website, I'd love to ss the salon. I work from a humble room above a hairdressing salon, but I travel more and more nowadays to train.

    Take care Anita. kim xxx
    That's fabulous......I'm thrilled for you.

    I'm great thanks but reached a stage where it's all work work work and no play. I know the money is great, but if I haven't got the time or the energy to enjoy it....... I have people flying in from all around the world to train with me now which is so lovely.

    Where is your salon going to be? xxx
    Hi there, sorry to bother you. I was just reading one of your posts and wondering if you used almond oil for waxing as I've read it somewhere before to make it more comfortable for the client but can't remember if it was almond oil. If so for the underarms, say your clients was sweaty when would you apply the powder? Sorry to bother you if your busy thats fine :)

    Your posts are so informative,i love the way you write.....i hope your salon deserves every success xx
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