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  • I removed some messages on here cos there is 9 pages LOL.
    Conversations from a long time ago. Some I hadn't even seen :-O
    Nothing personal and keep 'em coming.
    Just wanted to moderate my page a bit x
    Dear Santa, I know it's only the 2nd April but for Christmas I'd like to meet Doug Schoon, Gigi Rouse, Jane Iredale, Lynne Baker, Kimmie Kyees, and another hug from the Sweets wouldn't go amiss either. x
    OH MY GOD... The Kimmie Kyees inspired Minx range is bloomin' marvellous, I must say. I love the one with the tiny stars.
    Hi Helen. Just wondering how it's all going? Hope you well and all got sorted out for the treatment room. You are obviously popular gal - as you got 21 hearts!! x
    Sorted! Melissa Pechy CND EA is going to do them. She is about half an hour away from where I will be staying. So pleased. X
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my page today, that really made my day! It's a Saturday afternoon and I have my head in my laptop doing some rather complicated Java coding again, eep!!!
    Greetings all profile viewers, 1 week til Christmas so big love and best wishes for the festive season and wishing us all a very prosperous 2012 xxx
    Hi Sweetie!
    Hope you're feeling a bit better.
    Looking forward so much to tomorrow...what are you wearing? I'm going to be REALLY challenged to get into my new dress :mad:
    Ooooh you are my geek secret santa ... thank you for my card, myself and my son had fun looking at it ;) :hug:
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