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  • Hey Hun, been missing for a while!
    It's going good, doing more shellac which I love, and I'm off on holiday on Sunday, so I'm a very happy girl!
    How's things going with you, picking up?
    Awww bless his little heart :D There is nothing more delightful than when they tell you they love you and you know they understand why they are saying it :D Even now, my 13, 8 and 6 year olds melt my soul when they say Muuuuuumm ( yes darling forthe 30th time this last 10 minutes lol ) i love you hehe :D xxx
    My wedding dress mas bloody massive lmao i picked it after I had a vision in my mind from when i was little about how a dress "should" be. It wasn't Jordan style mind but weighed about half a stone with the underskirts!!!! Needless to say, by 7pm I had gotten changed lmao xx

    How has little man been getting on xxx
    aww babe - my wedding day i was 5 months pregnant and had the proper obligatory hugeeee wedding gown and spent the whole day taking my sis in law/maid of honour to the toilet with me so that she could hold the front of my gown while i reversed myself into the loo lmao Was hysterical though and we still laugh about it now 10 years on!!!

    All of the little things you worry about tend to be the highlights of the day that you always remember with a smile :D Have you gone for a big gown? Ooooh i love weddings xxxxx
    Awww babe :hug: Pointless me saying don't get nervous cos I was cacking it in the run up to my wedding - you actually see me on my wedding video take the hugest breath haha

    You are going to look so amazing - am really excited for you :D Keep your chin up babe and if you need to rant and destress, you know i am here xxxx
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