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  • Hi ya

    I'm better today thanks ;-)

    That'd so kind of you. My email is. Neneeg@hotmail.co.uk

    How are you?
    Thinking of doing a leaflet drop around where I live, it's a little village outside the town where the salon is, they have to travel anyway so might be a good idea? X
    Bit busier, hoping cz loads of people got paid this week that it'll pick up, fingers crossed!
    How about you huni?x
    Hiya! It's Helen from the MYscara course!! How you getting on?? Hx
    And you too Helen! I was just about to log off for the night and though I must come and "friend" and found you got to me first! Thanks you for my lovely MYscara lashes ;-) Caroline x
    Thanks Helen! Really nice to meet you. So glad you enjoyed it! Let me know how you get on.......looking forward to your case studies xx
    Remember, you can't read tone in text... just seen a few stropsies in certain threads and where is the love?
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