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  • Another step by step design one stroke
    One Stroke Nail Design "Poppy Heaven" by Dorota Palicka Expert Educator for Nail Perfect - YouTube
    One Stroke "Purple Saxifrage" by Dorota Palicka - Expert educator for Nail Perfect - YouTube
    Hi doing well just mad busy. So many plans for next few months. Away to London on saturday for Scratch stars awards so need to practice a lot :) x
    Jut saw your reply about glitter but your photos are amazing! On pic three is that freehand art or stamp? xx
    One Stroke Rose, Nail design by Dorota Palicka, One Stroke Nails Training Scotland - YouTube
    hi again Dorota. I just looked up how to do your YouTube setting for mobiles to watch the video. 1- go to your own videos, 2- click on the tutorial you just put on and click on your settings button, 3- there's a part called Video Responses, you need to tick the bottom box that says allow mobiles to watch video. hope this helps. best wishes louise x :)
    Hi Spooky there is many technical designs so you don't need to be as much arty on it it is more about a practice and a right brush ancle or consistency, If you love it then you will be great at it :) good luck, and hope to meet yoy some day in Fort William.

    Mini4mum Was great to read your blog :)

    Luise I try to see it in setings but I couln;t find it :( will keep it in mind and hope to sort it out xx
    hi Dorota. i just tried to watch your YouTube slideshow. when I go on to it, it won't let me watch and says that you haven't set the settings for people to watch it from mobiles. I think it's just something on your YouTube settings. I know a lot of people use their moblies for salon geek so just wanted to let you know a lot of people won't be able to watch it untill you change the settings . best wishes louise x
    Thank you very much, if, which I hope I will visit fort William I will visit you. I am a returning technician, the first time around I didn't realise what a big industry it is and the more I read, watch videos and find inspiration from amazing technicians as yourself I find myself wanting to give it my all!! I am just worried as I was never very good at art at school (though all I remember is being asked to paint a bowl of fruit!!! V boring ) haha. I last did nails ten years ago so like I say I'm educating myself more and realise practice is the way to go! My course starts beginning of February, a bit anxious but this site is helping me a lot :)have worked in make up and beauty the last ten years so have a love for colours and artistry in the make up field, hope this might help me x
    Hi Thank you for friend request :). You are more than welcome to pop in to our salon. I have been always intereste of art, that what get me in to nails. I done first course in Poland by the end of 2005- didn't had a chance to practise a lot till we open salon in 2009. Now i do nails every day. Just ove ding it. Every year I do get some extra trainings with art, nails and designs. Had a chance to meet great stylist all over the world. We do learn all life.
    Meant, would be fab to hear a little about how you got to such an amazing standard:) I hope you don't mind me sending a friend request, I see your salon is in fort William, both my parents are Scottish and I have family there. I am living in Kent!!! But if I have the opportunity to come visit your salon will be the first place I go!x
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