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  • Hi Ice,
    How are you finding the Bio Sculpture Biz? Are you still pretty new at it? Did you find it hard to learn to build up speed and get good at it?
    Hi, well i have a full time job in the local hospital(i work in theatre there) and have done this for years, got qualified in nails this year and just trying to perfect things and do a few clients mobile x
    Hi, how are you and how is ontario. Plymouth uk is getting a bit cold now, how long have you been doing nails and are you mobile or salon based x
    Yes .. ugh! I have something at my basin called NailBrite. It is a product that has been around for years and is kind of the consistency of a bathroom cream cleaner. It is a great retail item for clients like this. I get them to use it and then politely tell them that they need to use it every few days and then I sell them a bottle. I'm sure your wholesaler has it as it is from North America. Great product. It also comes with a really cool nail brush (like a giant toothbrush) which is my favourite nail brush in the world. HTH :hug:
    Thanks for your comment on my gel pic ... the silver stars are actually pre-cut shapes which I have inset into the gel.
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