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    Trendy Nails Unlimited Nail wraps

    Day 3 All designs doing well no change from yesterday :D
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    Trendy Nails Unlimited Nail wraps

    Day 2 all designs are holding up well except the pink minx which seems to have lifted a little bit on the edge.
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    Trendy Nails Unlimited Nail wraps

    Here is day one of my road test of the two products :) as i mention before.( but as you can see I did not use my thumbs )
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    Trendy Nails Unlimited Nail wraps

    Has anyone actually tested theses product to see which one lasts longest? I have access to both products so the only fair way to "test" both products is to apply 1 minx to my thumb on one hand and 1 minx to my 1st finger on my other hand then the opposite with Trendy Nail Wraps. Then I will...
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    ear piercing

    you can't help some people no matter how hard you try !!
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    Chewing gum hair

    Goldwell kerasilk works like a treat !!!!!! smells good too !
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    Wella Magma /7

    hi just had a look on the uk magma colour chart and its not on there so looks like you would have to buy it from the states sorry
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    Coon tails!????

    you need to do the darker one first really rinse then retape and do the light x
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    To do or not to do?? Wet to Straight!

    heres the product info :- Wet-or-Dry's 1 3/4" white ceramic plates and built-in vents and channels enable the quickest and healthiest way to dry, detangle and straighten hair while it's still wet, leaving hair soft, sleek, shiny and super-hydrated all day. Especially designed but not limited to...
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    Wella Magma anyone?

    from me !! ring me x
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    Glue sticks

    STAY AWAY FROM B AND Q GLUE !!!!! in fact if you have had no training in hair extension please stay away for permanent glue ! you can use bonding liquid for semi permanent hair extensions which should be safe for you to use
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    Coon tails!????

    hi for quick ad easy coontails masking tape is the answer you just tape up the pits you don't want to dye (really tight !)and then switch over if you are doing two colours x
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    What is in your opinion the best shampoo?

    my fave is the indola glamour range the mirror shine shampoo it smells lush and its thick like honey , but my boss won't let us stock it :( so when i can't have that I use kms shampoo color vitality for blonde hair as it makes me hair brighter. we sell a beer shampoo that smells "odd"
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    mikados by kodo

    he he due to an alarm clock issue i have my hair tied up and have not tested them yet ;) but i will have go tonight !
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    mikados by kodo

    HI as you all know i have access to most brands of hair staightener and have tried and tested them but the kodo rep came in today with the mikado's . i have a pair to test (really nice hot pink pair !!) so will use them on my hair in the morning but has anyone used them before ??? i do not rate...