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  • Not seen you for ages but.....Happy Birthday!
    Is it your birthday again? Hope it’s a good one!
    Hi , I am hoping that perhaps you can give me some advice as I see you have been an educator yourself. I have been approached by a company to run NVQ level 3 hair extension course . I am interested in possibly doing this but they have asked me for a daily rate... I have no idea what would be considered reasonable , I do not want to undercharge myself nor do i want to make myself too pricey.... Many thanks

    Hi Izzy, I wondered if you are still working locally and if so what's the name of the salon please? Thanks, Lou x
    Hi, sorry for the intrusion, but do you still work for Affinity Nails and Beauty? I am looking to distribute Nfu Oh through my business in the UK but I am having a nightmare finding details of a contact in Nfu Oh, and haven't heard anything back from Affinity, and their website has now been suspended, so I am totally stuck :(.

    Any help you can give me would be perfect!

    Thanks in advance.

    UK Fantasy Ltd :)
    Hey Izzi how are you? thanks for the heart, wish everyone would stop guessing and talking about it, poor girl has gone and hard enough for her family without all the gossip going on too. Id hate to be famous!!
    hope your well anyway xx
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