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  • Thanks for the rep Izzi. You know I supported them above and beyond the call for over a year now but this is a silly decision and I do think it was made in the States and nothing to do with here. The distributors will suffer and they have only just been established. xx
    You're being very sensible. Some of the comments have been plain stupid so i keep having to switch the computer off and hide for 10 minutes before i consider replying :lol:
    Hiya. I will be there) Fingertips are closed that day as Sweet Squared are exhibiting so everyone will be at the show)x
    Hi Izzy
    The course you spoke about in an old post at CND sounded great. I want to start a new career as a nail technician and are looking for a reputable course. I stay in Fife but realise I will probably have to travel to Edinburgh. Do you have an recommendations. I have been looking at Carlton Institute but there are so many courses and companies.
    Hey Izzy , when i it ?? i was thinking of flying up as costs arent too bad but wheres best place to stay as i wouldnt have a car to get about ...... let me know n ill see if i can arrange it xxxx
    Oh and I doubt very much she deleted it because of you... looks to me like she can't take any kind of criticism at all and just cause some of us didn't agree with her she deleted it!!... weird!
    Oooh yes... it was the thread about the client complaining.. the OP must have deleted it herself as the Mods would usually just close a thread if things were getting heated... hope your rep still counted cause I toally agreed with what you said!! (can't quite remember what that was now though LOL!!)
    just had a little bob in and thought id reply to a few posts etc.. all changed now, not many oldies left and i id like to try to help where i can xooxox
    Sorry darling I didn't realise it was full!! I have cleared space but got your message on FB. xxx
    LOL no idea, but entirely possible LOL what the heck, consider it a tip hehehehe
    LMAO you know me hunni can be a bit :irked: sometimes, just trying to keep the peace on here there are enough issues going around lately and I really cant be doing with it all, it used to be a nice forum but lately too many people are quick to bite ya head off iykwim.
    I have a reputation to think of ya know :lol: xxxxxxxxx
    Lol...... Just read your comment.. Oh my god I cringe now when others are doing it !!!
    I cringe when I think about how bloody stupid I was.... ahahahahaa
    I feel all of your pains and frustrations now !
    Ahhh well I lived... I learned... now hopefully I'll help some other poor bugger not to make the same mistakes lol
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