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  • Thank you for the rep. I agree that this sort of thing does make you wonder. Tim is doing quite well in hospital but it will be months before he is back to normal. x
    busy is an understatement ! i am currently working on building my retail website and i underestimated the amout of work it would be. it takes so long to upload the information and photos for each item and i'm still not sure i'm doing it right ! it should go live at the end of next month. glad you are well and enjoying some time to yourself. i am dieting atm so feeling a little tetchy. want to shift half a stone before i go to the show in orlando
    Thankyou ! the standard for the boxed was very high ,was only a couple points of placing but im still really happy with it as its the best ive done to date and just hope to get better every year. This last year has been hard but this year im gonna do alot more training just gotta pick who with (well depends who comes over to visit lol) hope ur enjoying all ur free time xxx
    Hey Izzi, hope your well and just wanted to say thanks for all your help the past year or so with Nfu.oh ,youre a star and wish you all the best !! haze xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Izzi, just read your leaving affiniti just wanted to wish you well wont be the same with out you xx
    LOL ! yeh thought I'd poke my nose around the corner and say hello, doing a bit of catching up with products etc, so got a bit of reading to do. Hope you are well . xx
    Well when men have a mid-life crisis, i thought they usually bought a flashy car and got a younger woman..... wasnt sure what the female equivalent would be!! Glad it made you chuckle though. Relaxing sounds much more fun. I should think the launch and success of NFU.oh in the UK, has cost you all alot of extremely long days and nights!!! Enjoy your relaxing time, but im still hoping the nail bug will bring you back soon xx
    lol off to buy it now along with my Fluplus.

    I am off to edinburgh overnight on sunday how good am I going to the gym 1st????????????
    You know me politics go over my head normally but that was so blatant and unecessary I found it impossible to hold my wheesht!!!!!
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