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    Ink London Cover Flubber

    I don’t charge extra just for using it as a base coat, if I’m doing a repair or small extension I would probably consider charging a bit more depending on how long it takes me.
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    Ink London Cover Flubber

    I’ve now done a few removals and it has been great and removed easily after being wrapped for 10 minutes, a bit longer than usual but gives people plenty time to pick their next colour and it does remove nice and cleanly. Big thumbs up from me [emoji106]
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    Ink London Cover Flubber

    I have used it for repairs, as in adding on a corner to a clients nail and yes I used a clear form, although I did have to tailor it quite a bit. It was very successful.
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    Ink London Cover Flubber

    Love it. I already love the fluid rubber and it has transformed my problem clients nails. The ones that are heavy handed and always manage to chip are coming back with a perfect 10 even after 3 weeks. The Cover Flubber is a gorgeous natural colour and a few clients have had just 2 coats of it...
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    Is Born Pretty good for nail art?

    I love the Born Pretty Stamping plates. I have always bought mine from We Heart Nails UK Great selection and great service, and they have clear stampers and gorgeous glitters too! Way better than dealing with a company in the U.S.
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    Plantar Fasciitis anyone?

    I had never heard of this before but after reading this, this picture appeared on my FB newsfeed showing how to use surgical tape to tape your feet to help with this condition. Thought I should share in case it helps.
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    Does anyone remember me?

    I haven't been about for ages myself but I definitely remember you! Great to see you're back in the nail game, not that much has changed for a nail tech of your calibre to catch up on xx
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    Which Shellac pink for French manicure on toes?

    I love Grapefruit Sparkle for a French, more a shimmer than a sparkle and clients love it.
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    IBX before and after

    Sorry but a UV or LED lamp is essential in the IBX service. There are 2 stages when using IBX the first involves heat for which you can use an infra red lamp, a hairdryer or the heat from a 100watt bulb as mentioned. THEN the nails are cured in either a UV or an LED lamp for the same time as a...
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    Rose gold glitter

    I don't think it is limited edition it is always in stock and on the S2 website. It is a lovely rose gold colour. The new Lecente glitter Babydoll is a lovely holographic rose gold.
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    Gelish curing in bottle

    I bought small stickers , painted and cured them with the gelish colours, then stuck them over the bottle Windows!
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    Ruby Ritz and Ice Vapour back

    Butterfly Queen with a coat of Decadence is a gorgeous glittery red, just as nice and available all year!
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    Professional glycolic?

    Fabulous as this skincare is I don't think there is a UK distributor for them anymore.
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    Acrylic infill issue

    The best thing for you to do is book some more training. Infills/rebalance/maintenance appointments are the core of our business and you really need to be able to cope with all the problems that they can entail. Does your training provider run courses for this or do 1-2-1 sessions ?
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    Gel ll steam removal system

    I doubt they will as CND Shellac removes so easily as is. Gel polishes like Gel ll don't remove as easily which is probably why they have brought this out.