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  • Hi !!
    I was looking on the forum to see if anyone offers Henna tattoos alongside nail treatments and saw that you posted a thread a while ago about it ... hope you don't mind me asking but did you ever train? And if so, where did you go to do it? I think it is beautiful and I would love to be able to offer it ... but have no idea if it would be received well? Do you have many who like it? Would love to know! Thank you in advance! xx
    It has been a great 6 months, and I definitely needed the break...but Summer is almost over and I need something to fill my day if I can't get in the garden lol!!!
    Hi Jacqui, Im training to do CND L&P and thought it might be a good idea if I could come and have by nails done by a CND pro to see how it should be done :)

    Are you available sometime soon?? I live in Nash Mills so not far away from you.

    ps. dont worry, i wont be competition for you im training now in anticipation for when we move to Wales next year and im planning on setting up my own home salon

    ps. Are you on the road to Berkhamstead? I think you did my nails a few times years ago before i got married but i havent had them done since as i got pregnant and had kids which kinda got in the way lol

    im ok pal, just not around much of late and hardly ever get chance to go on a pc but all well and hope you are all ok too xxxxxxxxxx
    hey jac xx yep all fine this end of the world .. busy summer but now a bit slower .. always happens in sept???? gives me a chance to play catch up !! hows things in the salon you still enjoying it? are you going over for the manc show, I've sent a photo in but not sure if I can get over that weekend .... will have to see xx great to hear from you xxx c xx
    Thanks for the rep Jac - haven't seen or heard from you for aaaagggeeeesss!! Hope you are keeping well xx
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