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  • Hi Jackie found your details on a forum re nails. I am looking for a gel system and don't know which to go with. I have never done enhancement eg gel or acrylic. my initial system was going to be shellac but heard some strange reports and people saying that they have swapped systems.

    I was looking at gelish and artistic too, but I'm so against buffing the natural nail. don't want to damage it, my nails are quite weak so don''t want to make them worse.

    I don't want to spend a lot of money to find out I'm changing systems, half way. My friend had shellac then changed to artistic, she has put some on me and looks fabulous, will see what removal is like. Getting lots of comments how lovely it looks too.

    Do you do gelish as well as shellac, the colours do seem amazing, I see someone on here doesn't buff with removal have you tried this? and how affective is it.

    Sorry to go on and on and on lol any advice would be helpful. Hayley x
    I have just enjoyed browsing you photos and you do beautiful work : ) Keep the pics coming!
    Send S2 an email hun I'm not sure if they are running it in this country yet but I know it's on its way. xoxox
    You are flying now hunni, you do my proud seriously. Makes my job worthwhile and a pleasure so than you. Look forward to seeing you in the new year. Have a good crimbo to xoxoxoxo :hug:
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